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Carlton S. Brown (born July 9, 1975), known professionally as Collie Boasy of Bold n Boasy Entertainment, is an Jamaican music producer, artiste manager, composer, songwriter, webtv producer, entrepreneur, and a Cryptocurrency investor. Born in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I. Learn more about Bold n Boasy Entertainment


BIT2MUSICTOKEN (What is Bit2MusicToken?)

Bit2Music Multi-Media a Division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment launches Bit2MusicToken crypto-cash in Jamaica. Indie Music Producer and Distributor launched its own crypto-currency, called Bit2MusicToken, in Jamaica. Customer will be able to claim coin for Subscribe to there website or youtube channels, Watch any video on our channels and leave your waveslite wallet address in the comment box. And other ways, 130 B2MT Token Redeem 1 Song from Bit2Music Multi-Media Music Store. Jamaican and the rest of the World will be able to buy their favorite song with the virtual cash from Bit2Music Multi-Media Music Store, play Private Fantasy Sports, once they have amassed 1.000 Bit2MusicToken. Bit2Music Multi-Media has partnered with crypto-cash start-up Waves to create and run the scheme.


BIT2MUSICTOKEN On Waves DEX Platform Buy or Trade Now. Bit2Music Multi-Media BIT2SPORTS Meet BIT2MUSICTOKEN


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  • Greetings and thanks for choosing Bit2Music Multi-Media a division of Bold n Boasy Entertainment to serve your distribution needs – Bit2Music Multi-Media distribute in (UBI Style, Better Stream $0.01) & purchase with Cash or Cryptocurrency like, $Bit2MusicToken Bitcoin & More.
  • We work directly with stores so service is speedy, efficient, and lucrative! We will provide you with complimentary UPC and (or) register your ISRC (or) sell you a ISRC codes for tracking / publishing.
  • We support our clients via Twitter, minds, steemit, crypto, Instagram & Facebook. When our clients mention us in any posts on social media with “distributed by @Bit2Music, @bit2musictoken or @boldnboasyent” we will repost / retweet.
  • The distribution fees are laid out in the attached agreement. It’s 80% to you, 20% to Bit2Music Multi-Media with no other charges unless you have us create artwork for you ($30 USD). Please also read below for a little more info.
  • If your track has not yet been mastered, we can provide mastering through us here