Capt. Daniel W Merrick, PhD, CEO

About Me

We have embedded our DNA into our Crypto at into several tokens, coins and offerings to build and exchange coming soon at Who are we ? We are a NPO (Nonprofit Organization) that uses our gains to do three key things that works for our over 8000 members world wide: 1. We give back by paying it forward. We use our profits for good works, community service and ministry missions. We send aid packages to foreign lands where our voluteers, mission workers and even friends and family help us to help others. 2. We Pay Back in a 10% program of interest and or dividend rates thorugh our tokens and coins. Owners get not just market trends in the up and down of crypto, but a annual bonus in tokens and coins. 3. We Build Long Term Wealth to fund a unique product called a REESA using other investment tools like bonds, real estate and reinvestment holdings to boost the value of our coins and tokens. See our White Paper for more on this topic and our plans for the future. Our Crypto Dealithium Tokens - DL RealDealium Tokens - RD DealithiumCoin - DLC Our Crypto trades on the DEX and can be purchased at our web site. When you invest in our coins and tokens, you are not just building value for our company, you are building the lives of others though our 501(C)3 IRS Registered Charity. You are giving to others and actually divesting you capital gains by contributing to our cause. Our Ministry and Book Publishing web site is at https://YahBible.Org where you can find links to our GUIDESTAR Gold Seal Transparency Rated Charity. We are building assets to build lives. Please tip us below and you can also write your tip off on your US IRS Taxes as a contribution to CYMG-UCCMA Charity. To help us build a future together, please like and share our links and contact us at the social media links below.


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