QAnon - Decoding The Storm Through Esoteric Gematria

The Great Awakening - WWG1WGA!


Digital Soldier. My Fellow Anons, It has now become clear and obvious (to those of us paying close enough attention to events unfolding around us), that we are being sent multiple layers of coded messages in a number of different ways, and through varying forms of media. I have been studying these patterns intently for 2 years now, working day and night to unlock the secret of this covert yet obvious communication method. EXAMPLES of sources of messages include but are not limited to: > Twitter messages and other social media posts, by prominent people. One must pay particular attention to the dates they were made and time stamps. Also any associated files (which have very specific file names), Videos put out by The White House, of POTUS' remarks. These videos have deliberately contrived lengths, some of which I believe correspond to Gematria numbers, and other numerology and occult symbolism, and Isisian Cryptology, in order to send us messages one way. Another way is via awkwardly worded (and often over accentuated words) and phrases, at precise time stamps in the footage. This is suggestive of 'confirmation codes' to Anons, and at times Black Hats. These particular numbers MEAN SOMETHING. When one understands the Occult symbolism and Numerology the Satanists practice, as well as the study of Isisian Cryptograms, it becomes easier to recognize the patterns and the messages being sent, and to whom. White Hats are using (((their))) method of communicating via symbolism, numerology and specifically Acroamatic Cyphers, Pythagorean Geometry/Gematria, Concentric Gematria/Numbering based on 11 (which is the symbol for Pi in all this), and Sacred Geometry (among other methods). Decoding then requires great discernment, contextual knowledge of news and current events in Geo-Politics, knowledge about the messenger, and then applying Isisian Cryptology to decode the intent of the messenger. This methodology creates a form of Triangulation, which paints a picture of the message for the receiver/decoder, and the intent of the original sender, whilst keeping multiple layers of secrecy and encoding. It's a secret method of communication used for 1,000s of years, but occulted from Humanity. Well not anymore! This method is highly sophisticated and employs the Free Masonic Craft methods of our enemies and The Illuminati, which have been kept secret since time immemorial, from those outside of the secret societies. By using this method, White Hats and Trump/Q, are Trolling the living daylights out of The Cabal, who are now relegated to passing notes in class, considering Anons have now cracked (((their))) method of communication. This was the whole point of Trump/Q Team getting us to “learn the comms.” What are the comms? > Raw data/messages > analyzed using Numerology, Gematria, and Steganography, Occult Symbolism, Geometry, when all put together in context, create a new code/messaging system. This is to be decoded/interpreted using the principles of The Isisian Codes. They need us to learn this, and the knowledge is manifesting itself now as it is a skill needed by humanity in order to defeat The Enemy. We are being aided by White Hat controlled A-Diabatic Quantum AI. This is a battle of AI now, and as Putin said in the past, this will become an arms race to create the most powerful AI in order to defeat the other side. It's a tight race, and China is leading the charge as far as enemies go. They are using stolen Tech, sold to them from many sources but mainly via the treason of the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton et al, who sold SAP secrets via illegal servers in her basement. Not an accident. But you know this already. It wasn't just nuclear secrets that were sold off. Other media for receiving raw data/encoded messages include but are not limited to:- Trump speeches at rallies, The Trump family Tweets, The Military and Intelligence apparatus Tweets, QAnon (drops/posts) - also heavily encoded with many layers of messages Back door methods - such as Q team hi-jacking Ghislane Maxwell's Amazon “Book Reviews”, with all those strange capitalized letters, leading to clear and deliberate messages sent by White Hats. The CAPITALIZED letter system of sending messages is now widely accepted as correct, and in this case full credit should be attributed to @SerialBrain2. Thank you SB2. Tickers on TV screens (QQQ Trust...) Messages are flowing both ways, but the perfection and eloquence of The White Hat messages and synchronicity, assures me that we Patriots are firmly in control, and have the full power of the Quantum AI, NROC and GSIA at our disposal, not just MI/NSA/The Military. “We can hear you breathing - Q” Regardless of whether Q Team have been posting, there has been an embarrassment of riches with respect to coded messages being sent to us and others in this deadly game of Chess, we are all engaged in. One must learn to “Read between the lines”, which really means Gematria, Numerology and Occult symbolism, Isisian Cryptology, looking more deeply for double meanings in all information transmitted to us. Q is not kidding when he says think Mirror. Hebrew is read backwards, and so many of the signals must be read in reverse, and often there is a subjective component to interpreting values in a system of numbering/coding known as the Isisian Codes. These are the methods the White Hats (and Black Hats) are using. Definitely. Let me further break down the clandestine forms of communication being employed by White Hats (besides the Qanon information dissemination operation). (I) Tweets and other social media posts: > Trump and The White Hat Alliance, have been sending messages with CAPITALIZED letters, key words/phrases accentuated, or spelling/grammatical mistakes (making The President of The United States look seemingly stupid). When anaylzed more closely, they are obviously deliberate. WHY? Because The President is wanting to get your attention, which for many normies is focussed on MSM (The Enemy of The People) propaganda, which is quite legal after the repeal of the Smith-Mundt restrictions previously in place. See this post by another Anon on VOAT: Smith-Mundt Act []( These “errors” matter, as they MUST be DELIBERATE. To the Shills: > You didn't think The President of The United States of America is some fool just tapping away at his iPhone, fumbling away and making mistakes like a retard, did you? Especially considering POTUS has a HUGE communications team, and not a word is uttered or typed publicly, without being carefully scripted and checked. POTUS needed a way to bypass the MSM lies, and get the message across about this complex spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil. Teaching us (((their))) symbology and methods of communicating, effectively makes this method of coded messaging between Black Hats dead AF. Learn our comms., indeed. We SEE you now Mother Fuckers. You can't hide, especially as we now know just how important all the SYMBOLISM is to your cult of death. You see Anons, (((they))) can't do without symbolism. It defines who they are at the smallest level, and it is their sacred language. There are numbers and patterns in these messages. EVERYWHERE. It's in Trump's tweets, his speeches and comments, many put out by The White House. There are things The Enemy is posting too. It's all about the numbers. They are signs, and confirmations codes to us and others. A secret way to communicate in plain sight, while still staying covert, and not breaching Nat_Sec. Numerology, Gematria, and Occult Symbolism, and Isisian Cryptology (I will explain below in detail) are the keys to this code. On a different tangent; what about all the hand gestures Trump is making? Are they a code...? I am looking at Morse code related to his hand movements at the moment. They are VERY deliberate indeed. Check out each of the G7 pressers with the foreign leaders and Trump (they are seated BTW, and their hands say it all). They are messaging each other, and it is ALL Masonic make no mistake. More coming. "Symbolism will be their downfall - Q" Let's take a look at all the numbers related to this field of study that I have seen repeatedly expressed in time stamps and dates. To me it is now clear they are confirmation codes, and another layer of coded messaging: > I posted these confirmation codes on VOAT and here is why I think they are important: > START of previous post: Number key I have developed for the message (I have received several confirmations in the Gematria of these numbers, and also that Gematria is the key BTW): 23 -The Patriots and reverse/Mirror of Skull and Bones 322/32 - *(2300 hours is 11 pm at night FYI, i.e. 11 o'clock) 322/32 - The Enemy/Skull and Bones - Bush Family, 911 - The Enemy and perpetrators of 911 terrorist attacks 119/19/1911 - The Patriots hunting 911 perpetrators 17/71 - Q Anon and Q Team Confirmation codes sent to Anons from White Hats: - 711/117/17/71 - The first part of the key to the code - Part 1 of 4 (Also = 7/11, September represents the seventh month of the year (Sept = 7). So 9/11 actually = 7/11. Also apparently 9/11 is the anniversary of the beheading of John The Baptist (citation required). 11/11:11 - The second part of the key to the code - Part 2 of 4 13/313/311/113 - The third part of the code - Part 3 of 4 5:5/555 - The fourth part of the code - Part 4 of 4 There are others like 222, which break down as 11:11:11 > 1+1:1+1:1+1 > 2:2:2 Note: All these values can be MIRRORED as per Q's post "Think Mirror", as this is what The Satanists do, and by doing it back to them, and using numerology and Gematria to communicate etc., it Trolls the living fuck out of the [DS], and bypasses the MSM nicely, while not jeopardizing Nat_Sec. Also using variations of these numbers (using root mathematics) is the name of the game. It's a language. I.e.:- Like 2:2:2 can = 11:11:11 providing confirmations > Thus 11:52 AM can = 11: 7 (as 2+5 is 7). Why am I not adding up the 11? (See analysis below of 11/11 and 7/11/9/11). Because it stays the same. It's one of the key occult numbers, along with 7, 911, 322, 88, and other doubles. Numbers can be halved, doubled, and mirrored in particular, i.e. read in reverse (Hebrew), upside down, and backwards, and the same goes with letters, numbers, sounds, colors and geometry, as they are all linked ("Think Mirror" - Q). END post. Anons, these numbers are very significant. Let's go through them one by one and I will add as much information as I can find. Remember Q has told us repeatedly that double meanings exist, think mirror, and that we have more than we know. This is what he means: > Where do I begin?! Isisian Code: > Directly from this website: - The Isisian Codes: > A = 1 = Q B = 2 = R C = 3 = S D = 4 = T E = 5 = U F = 6 = V G = 7 = W H = 8 = X I = 9 = Y 1 = J = 10 (Note: > ROOT MATH = 1) 2 = K = 11 (2) 3 = L = 12 (3) 4 = M = 13 (4) 5 = N = 14 (5) 6 = O = 15 (6) 7 = P = 16 (7) This is why the number 911 is so important to them:- If 9 X 11 = 99 > And 99 flipped over (Mirrored) = 66 on top (thus 11 or Pi or GOD) on the bottom of the cube (another representation of Pi is a cube which has 6 X 60 degree angles, which add to 360 degrees, which is a circle and Pi). The 99 shows the Satanists fucked up thinking in picking 911 (9 X 11) thus 66 on top of 11 > i.e. Satan over GOD. EDIT: > You can also just simply multiply the inverted 9 in 9/11 to get 66 > 9/11 inverted = 6/11 > 6 X 11 = 66 So you see 6/11 (the inversion of 9/11) = Six [SATAN] OVER/ON TOP OF ELEVEN [PI/GOD] literally, which is the fucked up inversion against GOD and his creation including Man. It's how the Satanists think, in terms of an inverted reality. Like Q said everything is black when white, up when down, left when right, in when out, and mirrored (I am paraphrasing his point). This is what QAnon means when he says that. This whole reality is an encoded Matrix, and when one understands what is happening at the most minute levels, the secrets of the Universe and GOD reveal themselves, provide great beauty and a sense of wonder. Evil is then exposed. D5.