100K_Zipperis a .zip only archiver. You can create, open, extract and check out .zip files. It doesn't require any installation and it has to be one of the smallest zippers available today. Complete interface 100K_Zipper executable size is below 100kb, however all operation is done via the interface. Open and create Zip files

Download Size : 82kb Date : 08/28/2004 http://www.quickzipdev.org/100zipper.html http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/100setup.exe (119kb, with setup) http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/100ziper.exe (82kb, without setup) . Setup is created using Infgen of QuickZip3.00, 4.50, 4.60 http://www.quickzipdev.org/infgen.html http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/Cake2.zip http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/Delphi7_INSTBuilder.zip http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/InstallBuilder_0_8_Source.zip http://www.quickzipdev.org/downloads/TestArchives.zip Developer - Leung Yat Chun Joseph, lycj (c) 2004, 2020 QuickZip(stolen), QuickZipDev, Free software since 1999